Sanctuary One Year In:
A Culver City Report Card

March 8, 2018
(revised March 26, 2018)

(aquí en español)

One year ago, the Culver City Council declared us a “Sanctuary City.” That declaration was an important symbolic statement of principle. The resolution also made a detailed policy commitment: the City would protect immigrants in our community and would avoid assisting the Trump Administration in its draconian deportation campaigns.

How well has Culver City lived up to its commitment? The City has rightly celebrated its sanctuary status and thus far has avoided immediately harmful actions, but it also has repeatedly missed opportunities to fully and meaningfully implement sanctuary and to treat immigrant protection as a priority. In contrast, the Culver City School District (run by the School Board, not the Council) has taken many tangible steps to make sanctuary real.

Based on the past year, we assign the following grades to Culver City government for sanctuary implementation and immigrant protection. Further details and background are here.



  • The City’s Public Statements of Support


  • Immigration-based Police Questioning or Arrests


  • Police Department Information Sharing with ICE


  • Internal Policy & Training: Police Department


  • Internal Policy & Training: Other Departments


  • City Council Oversight


  • Police ID Policy To Minimize Unnecessary Detentions


  • School District Support & Protection for Immigrant Families


There is more work to do. Here is our vision for Sanctuary 2.0, to fully implement existing policy and take addition steps based on what we have learned this year:

  • Designate a Sanctuary City Ombudsperson within City government

  • Implement policies and training for CCPD and all City government departments

  • Ban City contracts with vendors who endanger immigrants

  • Publicize and support immigrant-protective information and resources

  • Create an official, ongoing forum for community participation in immigrant inclusion

Read the full report card and Sanctuary 2.0 proposal here (aquí en español).

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