Council Comment Instructions

How to Comment at the Online Culver City Council Meeting — for June 22, 7pm

For this meeting, issues relating to #DefendingBlackLives are on the agenda in two places: PH-1, the final City budget hearing; and A-2, considering the formation of a task force on policing and public safety. For comments about the budget to be adopted at this meeting, including the last-minute adjustments that shift some funds from CCPD to social services, you should indicate PH-1; comments about future changes to policing and budget through the task force process — including CCAN’s demand for adoption within 3 months of a plan to reallocate at least 50% of the CCPD’s budget — should be directed to A-2.

If you comment live during the meeting, you likely will have two minutes to speak, though it could be shortened to one minute if there are many speakers. If you submit only a written comment in advance, it is even more likely that only the first two minutes, or even just one minute, will be read aloud by the Clerk. Plan accordingly!

To ensure that a written comment will be read aloud, it is best to submit it by 4pm on the day of the meeting, though sometimes comments are read that arrive before the meeting begins at 7pm or, at the latest, before the agenda item in question is called. 

It is common, but not required, to submit a written comment in advance but also to read the comment live during the meeting. Even if you plan to speak live, it is prudent to submit your comment in advance, just in case you end up unable to comment live due to technical problems, delays, etc. Speaking live in your own voice is most effective. It is also the only way to guarantee you will be heard; the high volume of comments recently has sometimes led the Council to include written comments in the public record but not to read all of them aloud during the meeting.

If you want to read your comment yourself live during the meeting:

We recommend doing as much of the following preparation as you can, at least through step 4, well in advance of the meeting, to give yourself time for any technical snafus.

1) Go to the “Public Meetings” page under “Commissions, Committees, and Boards” on the City website:

2) Click your meeting under “Register to Attend” on the right.

3) On the next screen, register for the meeting.

4) Join the meeting using the link emailed to you. This works best if you download the Webex app when prompted.

5) Post in the chat that you want to speak, and which item you are interested in. Sometimes the Clerk also asks for those wanting to speak to “raise their hand” in the “Participants” window.

6) When your item comes up, go to the “Participants” window, find your name, and use the “Raise Hand” option.

7) Speak when the City Clerk calls on you. It is good to write your statement in advance and time yourself reading it, and to plan for how you will adjust depending on how much time is allowed. Three minutes is the maximum, but it is often shortened to two minutes or even one when there are many speakers.

If you want your comments read aloud by staff:

Note that it is advisable to follow this procedure even if you plan to speak live, to provide a backup in case you end up unable to speak.

1) Go to the calendar page on the City website:

2) Click “eComment” at the far right of the line for your meeting.

3) Click “Comment” next to your item.

4) Use the “Sign Up” or “Sign In” links at the upper right to create an account or log in to your account.

5) Type your comment in the box. You have a 4000 character limit for the entire meeting, so plan ahead if you want to comment on multiple items. Also, reading of each comment may be limited to as little as one minute (and three at most), so time how long it takes to read your comment and think about the order in which you make your points. Even if its reading gets cut off, comments will still be provided to the Council in full.

6) Click “Submit Comment”


Following the same guidelines about length of time, email your comment to:,, thomas.small@culvercity.organd

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